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Distance Walked: 10,535.50 km

Goal: 180,000 km

Our Route

We are currently in: Eureka, Nunavut

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Top Individuals

  1. Tyler Jilek

    201.25 km
  2. 175.00 km
  3. Leonka Kaluha

    167.50 km
  4. Yazmine Daponte

    155.00 km
  5. Rori Brownley

    145.00 km
  6. Lisa Butler

    135.00 km
  7. Stefanie Carleton

    117.50 km
  8. Leah Bellin

    117.50 km

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Stay Safe While Walking
– How to Practice Physical Distancing –

If you are around people you do not live with, stay 6 feet apart

(about the distance of a couch with 3 seats)

When outside do not touch rails, benches or play equipment

Wash your hands with soap and hot water for 20 seconds

Stay away from crowds

Cough or sneeze into your elbow

Walking Together

Walk the World Highlights

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Tag your friends and challenge them to “Walk the World with Me!”

Here are some sample messages and images you can share on social media to invite your network to Walk the World With Me!
Share why you are walking!
I am walking for [reason]. I walked over [#] km in the Coast to Coast challenge, but now I am putting a team together to walk the world. Take the challenge and Walk the World with Me by visiting and starting your journey as part of my team!
Celebrate as the walk passes through your region!
We welcome everyone virtually rolling into [province/state/territory] with the Walk The World With Me challenge! We are home to [landmark/point of interest] and would love to see photos of you walking by your favourite landmarks from your area while physical distancing!
Get walking today:
Invite others to Walk the World!
Teamwork makes the dream work and together we have walked over [#] km. Now, we’re taking teamwork to the next level to walk the world. Create a team to walk the world together and submit journal entries about your walks. Remember to physically distance, but stay social through

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