A snapshot of Leonka Kaluha

In just a few weeks, Special Olympics Alberta-Calgary athlete Leonka Kaluha has walked over 1,400 km – one of the longest distances of any athlete participating in Walk the World with Me.

She decided to join Walk the World because she loves nature and taking long walks, stating that “it helps me keep fit and I find it peaceful. It is something I can do on my own, or with a friend as long as we remember to social distance…”

Leonka says she started by doing laps outside of her condo complex, but as she became more comfortable with social distancing, she is taking longer walks in her community.

She now goes for multiple walks each day along the ridge above Fish Creek Provincial Park making sure to always have her Road iD bracelet and cell phone to keep safe, but also document her journey.

“I often take pictures of the things I see along the way from the views to all nature has to offer: trees, insects, different birds, rabbits, sometimes even deer down in the park. I even try to remember to take a selfie.”

Getting outside, going for walks, and attending the SOA-Calgary live workouts helps Leonka stay active and the fresh air gives her a moment to forget about the pain the world is going through.

Leonka believes that the world could use a giant band-aid to help start the healing process and to feel better.

When asked about why others should join #WalkTheWorldSO Leonka stated, “Why wouldn’t you? It’s easy to do, the only equipment you need is runners, water bottle, hat, and/or sunscreen. You can do it alone or be with family or friends and go at your own pace.”

“I say get out, get fresh air, and be well!”

We hope you join Leonka and the 1200+ individuals walking the world, as they virtually set their sights on Mexico and Central America!

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