LETR Officers Champion #10ADayTillItsOK

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down all Special Olympics programming in March, Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) officers from all over the world rallied to create a fun social media challenge #10aDayTillitsOK to help encourage athletes to stay active and have some fun!  Each video featured any 10 exercises which included: pushups, squats or toe-touches but the sentiment was always the same; get your body moving and send inspiration to athletes around the world.

Mike McAllister (Retired, Niagara Regional Police) started the movement and was thrilled to see his brethren from as far as Scotland and Alaska jump on board to support the athletes of Special Olympics.  Mike is now excited to contribute to Walk the World With Me and looks forward to seeing all the athletes videos and photos walking (safely!) and staying fit.

Have fun with your walks and please know that all Guardians of the Flame are behind you!

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