Day 213

Today we set off from Russia, taking a virtual ferry ride to South Korea (home to over 18,000 Special Olympics athletes and Unified partners) and Japan (home to over 8,000 Special Olympics athletes and Unified partners). From there, we took one last virtual flight, returning to Victoria, British Columbia where we began our walk just over 30 weeks ago! Our final leg took us 1,841.50 km together. In these past 30 weeks, over 1,500 participants from 13 different countries have worked together to walk 180,444.00 km through every country in the world with a Special Olympics program – what an accomplishment! We hope that you have had a blast participating in Walk the World With Me, and encourage you to continue to stay active walking and submitting your walking time!

Be sure to record your walking times today, and share any photos or stories about your walks using #WalkTheWorldSO on social media!

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