Day 32

Today was a big day! Starting from Elmira, New York, we headed south through Scranton, Pennsylvania, then over to Rhode Island through Massachusetts. From there we continued down the east coast of the United States, passing through Connecticut, New York City and New Jersey. We visited Pennsylvania again heading through Philadelphia, then on to Delaware and Maryland before visiting the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C. It was then into Virginia where we stopped for the day!

We passed through a lot of important towns and cities that are well-known to Special Olympics! We passed by the headquarters for the chapters in:

  • Smithfield, Rhode Island
  • Hamden, Connecticut
  • Lawrenceville, New Jersey
  • Norristown, Pennsylvania
  • Newark, Delaware
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Richmond, Virginia

We also dropped by the head offices of some of Special Olympics biggest supporters and sponsors, such as:

  • Hasbro in Pawtucket, Rhode Island
  • ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut
  • WWE in Stamford, Connecticut
  • Johnson &  Johnson in New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • TD Bank in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

After our busy day, we walked 1,518.75 km together and ended our day’s walk in Dinwiddie, Virginia. Dinwiddie is a small community that is home to the Williamson Site. This is an early prehistoric archaeological site that is one of the largest Early Man sites in North America. Experts suggest that the site dates back between 15,000 and 11,500 years ago!

Be sure to record your walking times today, and share any photos or stories about your walks using #WalkTheWorldSO on social media!

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