Day 34

Today we set off from Savannah, Georgia and quickly crossed the state border into Florida. We walked through Jacksonville, Florida – the most populated city in Florida and largest city by area in the contiguous United States. We then walked down to Orlando, Florida, which is set to host the Special Olympics USA Games in June 2022 (just 709 days away!).

From Orlando, we headed towards the Atlantic coastline and south where we reached Miami. We then trekked west through the Everglades towards the Gulf Coast. We ended off our day walking 1,070.00 km total, and ended up in Fort Myers, Florida – of all the cities in Florida, Fort Myers has (on average) the most days of sun per year! Hopefully you’re able to get out and enjoy the sun today wherever you are walking from!

Be sure to record your walking times today, and share any photos or stories about your walks using #WalkTheWorldSO on social media!

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