Day 51

From Prudhoe Bay, we followed the Arctic coastline today on our walk, travelling a total of 560.25 km. Today’s walk put us in Point Barrow, Alaska – the northernmost point of the United States. Point Barrow is close to the migration path of bowhead whales, and was first occupied by the  Iñupiat first nations people about 1,000 years before the first European settlers. Being so far north, Point Barrow spends most of the winter in darkness – 67 days from November to January – but then spends much of the summer in sunlight. As of today, the sun has been up in Point Barrow since May 10 (that’s 63 days) and it won’t set again until August 2nd (another 21 days)!

Be sure to record your walking times today, and share any photos or stories about your walks using #WalkTheWorldSO on social media!

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