Day 75

Today we took a few virtual flights and ferries to reach our friends from Special Olympics Cayman Islands (home to over 150 athletes!) and Special Olympics Jamaica (home to over 4,000 athletes!) before heading to the mainland and reaching Costa Rica – Special Olympics Costa Rica has over 37,000 registered athletes and unified partners! Next up, and the last country to reach on our walk today, was Panama, which is home to over 2,600 Special Olympics athletes! Our walk was 1,167.75 km today, and put us in Metetí, Panama – this is a small town that was established in 1998 (only 22 years ago!) and is the last major town on the Inter-American Highway before it ends in Yaviza, Panama!

Be sure to record your walking times today, and share any photos or stories about your walks using #WalkTheWorldSO on social media!

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