HDSA Shares How Walking Helped Them Stay Connected

Halton Down Syndrome Association (HDSA) High School and Graduate Groups first got involved with Walk the World with Me (WTWWM) because members from the group were missing their Special Olympics team sports. “It was a way to stay active and connected,” said High School Group Peer Coordinator, Karen Drexler.

Special Olympics Ontario has been a place that the group felt belonging to. “We have the opportunity to showcase our skills and be actively involved in sports that are important to us,” said Karen. Now, with the walking challenges set out, HDSA has found a new way to continue on as a community.

Each Monday throughout the WTWWM challenge, the group posted a Facebook live to discuss the new places they had walked that week. Additionally, the group also shared photos amongst each other to keep everyone connected.

“Being active, staying connected and seeing how far we have collectively walked,” has been a highlight for the group. As a group, HDSA has walked over 3,155km!

As we start 2021 off, HDSA is hoping to encourage their students to continue walking by utilizing social media and putting out challenges of their own! Way to go HDSA!

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