Inspiring Others to Stay Active with Marcelle Morin

Marcelle Morin has been a Special Olympics Alberta coach for over 20 years. To continue staying active with Special Olympics from home, Marcelle stepped up to the Walk the World with Me challenge. As an avid walker already, Marcelle decided to take on the challenge in the hopes that she could motivate others to get out and walk. “I’ll help anyone – any age, gender, race, disability – to find ways of getting around for movement or exercise,” she said.

Since Marcelle has turned 50, she has done multiple 30km+ trips from her home to the Calgary Tower, the Calgary Zoo, or other significant landmarks and back. Each time Marcelle sets out on these walks, she records a new personal best in the time it takes her to complete the walk! “I felt more energized to do more later. It makes me feel better,” said Marcelle.  

What really keeps Marcelle motivated is the inspiration she brings to others: “I’ve motivated others to get out and exercise more which motivates me to keep going. Others say I am an inspiration to follow and get healthier.”

Marcelle continues to encourage others to get involved with Walk the World with Me and Special Olympics to help with their health and wellness. “The more you move and get out, the better you’ll feel – more energized and even socializing more,” she said. Walking gets easier the more you do it and you may find yourself feeling stronger along the way!

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