The Wideman’s are Walking with a Purpose

Preston and Carol Wideman have been walking for years, no matter the time of the year or where they are at – and during this period of physical distancing they continue to stay active.

Preston is a Special Olympics Alberta athlete and Carol, his mom, is the Chairperson for the Camrose affiliate. They have been involved for 15 years with Preston participating in a multitude of sports including soccer, bocce, golf, basketball, 5-pin bowling, curling, swimming, functional fitness, softball, along with indoor & outdoor walk-run.

The walking program is one of the hallmarks of the Camrose affiliate, and one of their most important events each year is the Larry Gibson Memorial Walk-Run.

“Larry was a volunteer with SOA-Camrose, he helped establish the basketball program, he served on the affiliate, and assisted with fundraisers and events. Larry’s whole family has embraced Special Olympics and together with them, and the Camrose community we walk and run in memory of Larry to raise funds and bring awareness to SOA-Camrose.”

This year they adjusted the event to maintain physical distancing and the safety of their athletes, participants, and community members. Rather than host a congregated event, they spread it out over five days encouraging participants to just get out when they could.

Approximately 25 athletes walked community paths, trails, and even on their treadmills while remembering Larry. It was a huge success and for Carol it was important to connect with athletes to make sure they are staying active.

Preston says to all his fellow athletes, “stay healthy and stay active, walking is easy, even a little is better than none.”

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