Uniting Students Through Walking With ÉSC Casselman

For the École Secondaire Catholique (ÉSC) Casselman Dynamos, participating in the SOO Schools Walking Challenge has allowed students to band together in an activity that anyone can partake in. “With the times we’re living in, this challenge gave staff and students the opportunity to participate together in an activity that only required time and no physical ability.” Each day, ÉSC Casselman staff and students aim to walk and jog a minimum of 30-minutes.

ÉSC Casselman is entering their fifth year of participation with SOO School Programs. Over the years, getting involved with SOO School Programs has generated excitement from students as they were able to participate in sports and activities. Within these experiences, ÉSC Casselman students have gained confidence from pushing their limits and trying new things. After all, the students love that SOO School Programs is more than just sports, it’s an experience like no other.

After completing the SOO Schools Walking Challenge, ÉSC Casselman educators hope their students will continue walking on their own time, creating a continuous daily habit. Some students have even pushed their motivation further, taking the challenge home and continuing to walk with their families after school hours!

Leading by example, ÉSC Casselman staff and students also hope to encourage other schools to get involved with the SOO Schools Walking Challenge. The Dynamos are currently leading the charge and we can’t wait to see how they progress!

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