Walking the World with Lisa Butler

“Set goals and try to achieve them – you will feel great once you’ve accomplished or achieved your goals.” Special Olympics athlete, Lisa Butler, does exactly that when participating in any activity she sets her mind to.

Lisa Butler, a Special Olympics Ontario (SOO) athlete of 21 years, is currently setting her mind to the Walk the World with Me challenge. Earlier in 2020, Lisa competed at the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games in Thunder Bay. In the event of cross-country skiing for Team Ontario, Lisa went on to achieve 3 gold medals!

In an effort to stay healthy and fit while we shift to virtual SOO operations, Lisa found that walking the world was a “great way to keep the Special Olympics spirit going” while also staying active. Each day, Lisa either finds herself walking or running 5-6km, or swimming at her local wellness centre.

The benefits to her daily physical activities are endless – from encouraging an improved mood to boosting energy to strengthening the heart – Lisa’s walks, runs and swimming sessions have truly had an impact on her goal to stay active throughout SOO’s virtual operations!

Being an SO athlete, goal setting and living an active lifestyle has always been important to Lisa. Competing at different events has allowed her to confidently set goals and reach personal bests. The social aspect of such competitions has also been meaningful to Lisa’s overall health. “I get the opportunity to travel with my team and coaches to high-level competitions and have fun and believe in myself,” she said.

As she continues participating in Walk the World with Me, Lisa regularly challenges herself to achieve a daily step-goal. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Lisa is one of the top walking individuals with over 4,700km logged! Due to her daily walks and continued active lifestyle, Lisa hopes that when we can return to sports again, she will be stronger as an athlete.

We hope you join Lisa as we virtually set our sights on conquering Walk the World with Me!

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